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Our Story

Havensis operates in Energy and Electronics field. Besides being the "Manufacturer" of Solar Charge Controller, DC-DC Battery Charger, Remote Monitoring and Industrial Electronics, it is a company that provides Engineering Services for Rooftop GES.

Our company, which operates in the field of Renewable Energy Systems, aims to be a brand in the sector with its innovative products designed and produced within its own structure.

By producing products that meet all needs, it is expanding its product range day by day.

Havensis Company, with the projects it has done, in 2013 It has been entitled to receive support from Turkish Republic of Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology's Techno-Entrepreneurship Fund. It has the title of domestic Solar Charge Controller manufacturer.

To produce the electronic equipment in renewable energy systems domestically.

To provide innovative, original and reliable solutions in the field of Renewable Energy Systems and Power Electronics, to be a well-known and respected company not only in Turkey but also in the world.